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Friday seemed like another Disney movie in the making! I was working away with all the dogs in the house, when Punk decided to bark at the invisible enemy and she even put her paws on the window sill, which is a huge no! Except this time there was not one or two, but three reasons for all the commotion; when I finally gave in I had a feeling I better have a camera in hand!

Sure enough, 3 wild turkeys were prancing around right on the other side of the fence. At this point
all the dogs thought it would be great fun to bark at them, and that did scare the birds off into the taller grass, right under the big fir tree and down the hill they went, out of site!

All three showed up again later in the afternoon, and I got a much better shot at them from the upstairs sunroom. I’ve seen about a dozen a few years ago on Bill’s property, but never this close to us. I hope
they stick around and re-populate, fun too see them pecking and strutting. I heard a few gobble-gobbles too, so they talk!

After taking a closer look we’ve decided the one in the back is the male with 2 hens in the front. He was fluffing a lot, but never spread his tail feathers. Compared to the hens he’s got a bluer tint on his neck, and seems a little more colorful.