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First snow 2010.11.20

It snowed starting Saturday late afternoon and kept on for a good 24 hours. Were we prepared? Just marginally better than when we moved in 2 years ago. I tend to count the winters, not the years we’ve lived her, and you would too, being off-grid, a mile long steep uphill dirt road away from the pavement that is so far out of town they plow the closes schools’ parking lot before they head down our way. So this will make it our winter #3; Jack, Hammer and Pum’kin’s 1st.

I’ll just have to get back to introducing everybody some other time. Pix will come later too, must build up fire in wood stove before I wash my hair, looks to be close to freezing outside, thermometer says 16 indoors. Dogs are snoring away as usual after running amok. They all had one-on-one time too, took a walk x3 minus Beans. He did not feel like getting shiverbutty in the snow.